You asked: Does Honey Baked Ham have desserts?

What kind of desserts does Honey Baked Ham have?

No wait the coconut cake is my guilty pleasure. I think it would be criminal to make me choose. I really like HoneyBaked Ham’s Lemon Creme Cake as it just makes me think of spring when I taste it. However, I know the carrot cake is also a hit at my house.

Does Honey Baked Ham sell desserts?

Make any occasion a special occasion with our complete selection of desserts. … Store the pies and cakes frozen and always have a delicious dessert ready to celebrate any moment.

What is a good dessert to serve with ham?

Just about any dessert works well on a ham dinner menu. Consider a cheesecake, either with toppings, such as cherry or strawberry, or with flavor baked right in such as a chocolate, hazelnut or coffee cheesecake. Fruit pies, lemon meringue pie and cream pies, such as coconut or chocolate cream also pair well.

Does Honey Baked Ham sell rum cakes?

Did you know HoneyBaked Ham has delicious Rum Cake?! You may see it in their stores in a HoneyBaked box or an Island Treasures Gourmet box!! This cake is magnificent , I give it a 10!

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Which is better bone-in or boneless Honey Baked Ham?

YES! Bone-in ham has more flavor and is much more juicy than boneless. Generally, both bone-in ham and boneless hams are sold fully cooked.

What happened Heavenly Ham?

The HoneyBaked Ham Co. has bought Heavenly Ham for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition combines Heavenly Ham’s more than 200 franchises in 33 states with HoneyBaked Ham’s 300 stores across the nation. … The Heavenly Ham management team will remain in place. The HoneyBaked Franchise Co.

Where does honey baked ham get their hams?

The Honey Baked Ham Company purchases its hams and turkeys from federally-inspected meat and poultry processors; the products arrive at the company’s retail stores fully cooked. The Agriculture Department inspects the hams and turkeys during slaughtering, and again during the cooking and curing processes.

What side dishes go with ham loaf?

What Goes With Ham? 9 Tasty Sides to Complete Your Spring Feast

  • Awesome Au Gratin Potatoes. …
  • Savory Potato & Onion Gratin. …
  • Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole. …
  • Greek Potato & Green Bean Salad. …
  • Summer Fruit & Spinach Salad. …
  • Pan-Roasted Vegetables with Spinach. …
  • Quick Cooker Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs. …
  • Quick Cooker Red Potato Salad.

What dessert goes good with lamb?

Desserts made with fresh fruit and berries are complementary dishes to lamb dinners. Due to the tart and zesty flavour of lemons, they work well with the earthiness of the lamb. An example of a fruit dessert that pairs well with lamb is a lemon and berry tart, which is a pastry made with eggs, sugar, cream and lemons.

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How do you cook a 17 pound ham?

Baking the Ham

Cover the meat with foil and place it cut-side down in a shallow roasting pan. Then bake the ham in a 325 degree oven for 22-26 minutes per pound OR until the internal temperature reaches between 140 and 150 degrees.