Question: What evidence can you cite for the claim that water can boil at a temperature of 0 C?

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Why is the boiling point of water 100 degrees Celsius?

The vapor pressure increases with temperature, because at higher temperature the molecules are moving faster and more able to overcome the attractive intermolecular forces that tend to bind them together. … At standard atmospheric pressure (1 atmosphere = 0.101325 MPa), water boils at approximately 100 degrees Celsius.

When water is boiled What can you say about its temperature?

Explanation: Heat necessary to covert 1 gram of a liquid substance into gaseous state at its boiling point without changing the temperature is known as latent heat of vaporization. Therefore, it is known that water boils at 100 degree celsius and its temperature remains constant till the water is boiling.

Why doesn’t the water at the bottom of a geyser boil when it is at 100 C?

Why doesn’t the water at the bottom of a geyser boil when it is at 100 C? Because of the immense pressure at the bottom of the ocean is unable to turn to gas so does not actually boil.

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Can water boil 0 Celsius?

Yes you can! By any means if you make the vapour pressure of water at the ‘desired’ temperature (0°C if you like) equal to (or greater) the atmospheric pressure of that place, your water will boil.

How will you demonstrate that boiling point of water is 100 C?

Water does this at a certain temperature, and ambient pressure. That is why water boils at a lesser temperature when on a high elevation. That it is measured at 100 degrees celcius is because Mr celcius decided this temperature (boiling water in atmospheric pressure) is the point 100 at his scale.

What would happen to the temperature of boiling water if you added energy?

For instance, when water is boiling, adding heat does not increase its temperature. … This happens at the boiling temperature of every substance that can vaporize. At the boiling temperature, adding heat energy converts the liquid into a gas WITHOUT RAISING THE TEMPERATURE.

Does the temperature of the water rise while it is boiling quizlet?

The temperature of water rises as it gets to the boiling point. Once the water gets to the boiling point, the temperature remains constant (keeps potential energy). Heat is still transferred to change the bonding between molecules.

Why doesn’t the temperature of boiling water increase as heat is added quizlet?

Why doesn’t energy added to boiling water increase the temperature of the water? a) Boiling is a cooling process, so energy is removed as quickly as it is added.

When water boils or freezes during these processes its temperature?

On the Fahrenheit scale, water freezes at 32° and boils at 212°. In the United States, forecast temperatures measured in Fahrenheit rarely go below -20° or above 120°.

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When water boils or freezes during these process it’s temperature?

Water boils and freezes exactly at 100ºC and 0ºC respectively; find the reason for it from the following.

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