You asked: Who makes the meals for Meals on Wheels?

Where does the food come from for Meals on Wheels?

In NSW, most Meals on Wheels services receive funding through the combined Commonwealth/State Home and Community Care (HACC) program to cover administrative costs. Meals on Wheels, as with all community services, is made possible by the significant contribution of volunteers who deliver the meals.

Are Meals on Wheels food frozen?

The meals are kept frozen solid during the delivery with the help of a cooling blanket.

Are meals on wheels high in sodium?

There is no additive salt during preparation of meals. Meals On Wheels also tries to include as many salt free products as possible. On average, Meals On Wheels’ breakfasts have 700 mg of this only equates to 1,700 mg of sodium for the day’s entire dietary allowance.

How many calories does Meals on Wheels have?

Every client gets a hot meal along with a couple of lighter meals or snacks. Altogether, it provides a day’s worth of calories: about 2,000 in total.

Does Meals on Wheels serve hot food?

Each meal consists of your daily hot dinner as well as either a soup or a desert. Alongside this you will also get some fresh baked soda bread every day. You don’t have to commit to having a meal 7 days a week and can pick your days. Weekend meals can be provided and these are delivered on Fridays.

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