If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen my feed blowing up over the last few days about The Chef’s Journal: A Book of Inspiration for Chefs and Culinarians. I’ve been writing for and about chefs (and the culinary industry) for a half a dozen years or so. I’ve made it a primary source of what I do over the last year or two when plans to open up my second restaurant fell through and I was left searching for what to do next – not wanting to start over at the bottom and quivering at the thought of not being able to work for myself. 
Over this time period I’ve connected with thousands of people. I’ve written articles that have been read by millions. I’ve posted a lot of content on Facebook and those articles, memes, quotes, etc. have been shared over a million times. It’s been fun. A lot of fun. 
At the same time, as I look at my work and what is becoming my “body of work” I felt a little tinge of dissatisfaction – not at the work, or even the quality of the work, but rather the purpose of it. My mission has always been to help people and there is no doubt that certain articles have connected with people in ways I never would have imagined, certain memes about our crazy industry have made thousands of people laugh at times when they’ve needed one and it’s been great to see that a quote posted at the right time can turn the switch on in someone’s head to help push them through a long, frustrating service. This is all gratifying and I feel as though I’m only scratching the surface. Part of digging past the surface is getting really real with what I think you (and people in general) want and need.
Sure, they need the inspirational stuff, the laughs and I think have a pretty good understanding of company culture and how we can make kitchen life better for all of us, but there is something else they need….. maybe you fall into this category:

People need something that can truly apply to their every day lives and careers. They need something practical + useful to help them get from where they are to where they want to be.


So, that’s why I wrote the Chef’s Journal. But first, to say write – that’s a bit of a stretch. It’s not me blabbing away about leadership and our careers in the kitchen like I typically do. I designed it with one thing in mind, I was scratching my own itch – what would have helped me when I was starting out and what would help me now, as well?

When I started out in the kitchen I was a disorganized mess and I could have really used something like this. At work, I was always taught to carry a notepad and a pen – at any given point throughout my career I’d have 3 or 4 or 5 different note pads – some just with notes, and others with recipe and plating ideas. So, I brought all of it together in order to help us scatter-brained creatives. At the same time, I wanted it to be directive and practical, so there are sections for goal setting and for weekly planning. They say you’re something like 75 or 80% more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down… SO… HERE YOU GO!

This is a tool that I KNOW will help you. In coming up with it, I found comparable products for other industries, but none that were for chefs and culinary professionals. Plus, these other products were at the very least going for twice as much as the Chef’s Journal.

If you go to the Amazon link, here, you’ll see some screenshots from inside the book – the plating diagram will give you a feel for how it’ll look once you get your feet wet in this section. The way you see it here is how the journal opens up, so when you’re working on recipes/plating – it’s all right in front of you – my favorite feature! 

The journal officially launches on April 26th. For anyone that orders a copy between now and then I will add to a special email list that will get some special freebies. 


The journal officially comes out April 26th, but for anyone that orders it between now and then, I’ll send you:

  1. A pdf version of the book so you can print out the recipe/goal setting sheets and even the quotes to do with them whatever you please (i.e. pass out to your staff, friends and or post it up in the office or kitchen).
  2. I’ll also be hosting an exclusive webinar with those that pre-order – details on that are to come and I’ll send you that info via email.
  3. Finally, for my last book, Making the Cut: What Separates the Best From the Rest, I created a launch team with a private Facebook group. I’m going to add everyone who gets a copy between now and the 26th to the group and it will be a place where we can share stories and help each other. Plus, this will be the place that I will share information on my next (real) book – Lead Like a Chef.

Go grab a journal, email me a screenshot of your receipt and I’ll send you the free bonuses in the next few days! Just email me HERE: chris@bachelorkitchen.com

I’ll always be here to support you and I’m excited to see your continued growth in this industry and I’m completely confident that this journal will help get you moving in the right direction, or if nothing else – keep you moving in that direction with some added inspiration. I’m asking for your support here as well – can I count on you?

Now, I need your help. I want to see this journal in kitchens all over the world. If you can share this post with your friends and co-workers, we can all help make a difference – together.

With Gratitude,

P.S. In the first day since it’s launching, it jumped up to the top 5,000 or so on Amazon – higher than Making the Cut EVER got!. You guys rock!

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