This week’s episode was a bit different than some of the previous episodes. We interviewed Steve Sisler who is a behavioral analyst. His super power (yes, literally superpower) is that he can read personalities like the back of his hand. He uses a couple different tools to dissect one’s personality, which we get into here on the episode. Actually, Steve does that to Chris in this episode and actually takes just a wee bit of information about Shawn and nails him down as well!

We had fun, and here’s some of what we discussed:

  • How to leverage your personality to create maximum success.
  • Why people don’t really “change” and what you should do about it.
  • How to communicate with people that have different personalities.
  • AND plenty more, including the explanation of Chris’ personality to the world.

Follow Steve:

  • Twitter: @SteveSisler (let him know what you thought about the episode!)


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