This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Steve Fredette, co-founder and President of Toast Inc., a Boston based startup in the restaurant world. Toast is a restaurant point-of-sale system that stemmed from the founding members vision to disrupt the industry by fixing a pain point in the customer payment experience. It has evolved, since the early days, into one of the game-changers in the industry that is looking to change the way restaurants connect with their sales management systems, making it easier than ever to have sales numbers, inventory, online ordering all at the click of a button.

In this conversation, Steve shares the humble early days of Toast, starting on their respective couches, to where they are and the evolution along the way, which includes recent funding of over 100 million dollars to help in the continual growth and scaling of the business.


  • How to create a product by listening to your customers
  • When to adapt your product or service and how to do so effectively
  • How to make noise in a crowded market
  • The importance of maintaining company culture through the growth cycle
  • And much, much more.


You can connect with Steve and Toast:

Twitter: @ToastTab




Check out their blog that has some incredible resources for restaurant professionals

Here’s the article that Steve and Chris mentioned about the company MELT that tried to grow and scale in the wrong way.

If you liked this conversation with Steve, be sure to check out the episode prior with Paul Barron, HERE.

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