This week on the first interview episode of “Making the Cut Podcast,” Chris and Shawn interview world famous marketer, author and thought leader, Seth Godin.

Seth is a 17 time New York Times Bestselling author who founded Squidoo and Yoyodyne, which he later sold. Recently, he founded the AltMBA, which is a different take on the education system that Seth and his team have put together to educate the next generation of business leaders by getting them to think and learn in ways that the traditional education system doesn’t provide. He’s changed the marketing and business world as we know it, coining the phrase “Permission Marketing” and is in large part responsible for email communication as we know it today.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Seth’s most popular books, including The Dip and Purple Cow.
  • What it means to make a ruckus (Seth’s favorite word).
  • What the difference is between a chef, a cook and a bottle washer (the original name of one of his most successful books, Linchpin.
  • How to create value in the marketplace.
  • Can anyone make money if they earn enough trust from their audience?

You can follow Seth’s daily blog ( ) or just type the name “Seth” into google.


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