Paul Barron is the founder of Foodable TV, but it’s important to acknowledge his rich history in both the industry and in the world of tech. He was around for the early days of the internet and around the same time was credited with coining what we now call the “Fast Casual” segment of the market. In fact, that was one of Paul’s big early plays in the industry when he started the Fast Casual brand. Since, over the last 20 years, Paul has been a key social media influencer and was named among Forbes’ Top Social Media Influencers. He now is the brains behind Foodable TV, which shares a different side to the industry – stories of operators, chefs and industry professionals doing things the right way. Additionally, they stay on top of the industry’s up and coming trends which we talk about extensively in our conversation.

In this conversation with Paul Barron, we discuss:

  • The future of food and what types of restaurants and food service operations are in danger of becoming extinct and how to combat that.
  • What Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods means for the industry as a whole.
  • If the acquisition has a large impact, what that will look like for food service as a whole (not just restaurants).
  • How much of an impact will on-demand delivery have on restaurants and other food service operations?
  • How the new wave of technology is going to affect the way brands communicate their marketing messages.
  • What the industry might look like in 10 or 15 years?
  • Will Augmented reality be a part of restaurant marketing in the next decade?

Let Paul know what you think of the episode on Social Media:

Twitter: @PaulBarron AND @FoodableTV

Facebook & Instagram: @Foodable


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