In this episode of the podcast, we had the distinct privilege of chatting with the CEO of a 9-figure business, Patrick Lockwood-Taylor of The Oneida Group – one of the largest and most respected tableware companies in the world.

If you aren’t familiar with the “Oneida” brand, you’ve surely eaten on some of their plates, dined with their silverware and sipped wine out of their glassware. Lockwood-Taylor shares some really powerful business insights in this episode that are incredibly clear and direct, including:

  • What it means to “win” in business and how to play that way, strategically, as a company every single day.
  • What types of employees to look for when hiring and how to best inspire the B and C level players within an organization.
  • How to create a culture of innovation in a slow-moving industry.

Much appreciation to Patrick Lockwood-Taylor for spending some time with us, and we strongly encourage you to check out The Oneida Group and their new-to-market online feature, Plate Envy, where they are creating massive innovation in a very slow moving industry. Take their quiz, and discover the tableware that perfectly fits your restaurant’s concept and style.

Many thanks to Le Cordon Bleu International for sponsoring the podcast; a true global leader in the culinary education world, and they have been for over a century. Stop by their website to learn more, at LeCordonBleu.Edu

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