Jay Baer is a customer service superstar, he’s a content marketing king, and we were fortunate enough to have him join us this week for the podcast! If you don’t know Jay, he is actually the world’s most retweeted person among digital marketers. He is a renowned business strategist, keynote speaker and the New York Times best-selling author of five books, most recently Hug Your Haters, which we discuss in our conversation. Jay Baer travels the world helping businesspeople get and keep more customers. He’s clearly good at what he does and if you aren’t convinced, he has advised more than 700 companies since 1994, including Caterpillar, Nike, Allstate, The United Nations and 32 of the FORTUNE 500. He is the founder of Convince & Convert, a strategy consulting firm that helps prominent companies gain and keep more customers through the smart intersection of technology, social media, and customer service.


In this conversation we discuss:

  • Content marketing and how companies (especially restaurants) can’t use it to communicate more effectively with their customers.
  • How to properly handle customer complaints and reviews.
  • Why it’s far better to create loyal, satisfied customers vs. always having the goal of finding new customers.
  • How you can start applying certain best practices in order to keep more and create more customers.

Connect with Jay and let him know what you think of the episode:



Twitter: @JayBaer

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jaybaer


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