Chef Brooke Williamson dropped some serious wisdom in this episode of the podcast and it was an absolute treat to have her on. Brooke is quite impressive; she was a sous chef at 19 years old, and just a few years later, she became the youngest female to ever cook at the James Beard House. She’s still only in her thirties, was the winner of Top Chef season 14, and is the co-owner (alongside her husband) of a number of award-winning concepts on the West Coast.

Brooke Williamson is not only one of the most recognized female chefs in the U.S., she’s one of the best, and she’s proven it, but she will be the first to tell you that it hasn’t always been easy. She’s quick to say that her passion is what has gotten her here, along with learning from mistakes that were made along the way.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • How Brooke came to be a chef (especially at such a young age).
  • What she has learned from her mistakes, and how she is grateful for every single one of them.
  • The importance of passion and how it’s instrumental in her success
  • Advice for Food Entrepreneurs that are just starting out
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people in your business
  • How she and her husband (business partner) have been able to scale from one restaurant to the handful that they have now.
  • How building a brand on social media is better more powerful than traditional forms of advertising.
  • How she balances her work and home life.

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