Earlier this year I had the privilege of speaking at the National Restaurant Association Show to a sell out crowd that was eager and excited to join me on an early Sunday morning. I assume they were excited for the same reason I was – it’s a passion for the restaurant industry and the opportunity we have in front of us every single day.


The video is just a bit farther down the page ;).

In this talk, I spoke on leadership, something I’ve studied for years, but much more closely in recent years as I’ve been preparing for my second book, Lead Like a Chef. Through the research I identified 7 common traits that ALL great leaders have – yes, you can include chefs in the mix. In fact, I think the argument for chefs as leaders is about as compelling as they come – the environment, the challenges, the labor pool, wages – the list goes on, and it’s up to us to manage it all, or the whole ships goes down in flames.

I hope you enjoy the talk and that you will pass it on to a friend. Shoot me an email if you’d like for me to let you know when the book actually comes out (unfortunately, no time real soon).

If you’re really serious about growing your culinary brand, you should check out my 10 Day Chef Brand Building Challenge. It’s free of course, and I walk you through the steps I did to build my brand, which has lead to a lot of really cool opportunities – including the chance to hop on stage at the National Restaurant Association.

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