After helping Wolfgang Puck expand his empire and becoming a restaurant owner himself, Richard Coraine joined Danny Meyer in 1996, who at the time had two restaurants – Union Square Cafe and Gramercy Tavern. In the last twenty years, Richard has been an integral piece of USHG’s growth and success. He is now the organization’s Chief of Staff and spends his time as the liaison between Danny Meyer (and the rest of the executive team) and it’s family of businesses (including Shake Shake), in order to strengthen USHG’s culture of “Enlightened Hospitality” amidst unprecedented business growth.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Richard’s background as a Culinary Institute of America graduate, and how he can to be one of the most influential and respected individuals in America’s most reknowned hospitality group.
  • Mistakes Richard has made along the way and what he has learned from them.
  • The 3 things employees at USHG need from him and how he tries to meet those needs.
  • The 3 questions Richard asks in every single interview that determine whether or not an individual will be a good fit at USHG (98% success rate).
  • How Richard serves as a leader for the organization and what he tries to do every single day for the individuals in the organization he serves.
  • “Hospitality Included” – USHG’s charge to lead the way to NO TIPPING and how this movement will help save the restaurant industry.
  • How Richard prioritizes his time and day, in order to maximize his impact on the organization.
  • And a LOT MORE…

Connect with Richard and Union Square Hospitality Group:

Twitter: @USHGNYC 



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