Damn, relationships are hard work – especially when you work long hours, might not be making that much pay and often can’t enjoy normal weekend and holidays with your loved ones, because of the nature of the industry and our work. This sucks, but our industry doesn’t have to be a minefield for relationships like a lot of us have seen and got accustomed to. The cards are stacked against us, BUT there is hope. I can tell you, I’m not approaching this topic from a place of expertise, because I will be the first to admit, for a long long time, I was the worst – I wasn’t respectful and often loving, which for me, I think stemmed from my fear of getting too attached and having my heart broken like I had earlier in my life. This doesn’t work though. To help walk me through some of my challenges with relationships, and just life in general, I’ve been working with my good friend and coach Darryl Diptee. He’s an incredibly smart and passionate guy, but he also articulates all of this relationship and life talk in a way that really makes a lot of sense.  


Recently, he and I had the chance to livestream over on YouTube for nearly an hour and a half – a bunch of people tuned in, and Darryl dropped a lot of knowledge for us. In terms of relationships, we could have spent the whole hour and a half and then some discussing the challenges we face in making our relationships meaningful, healthy and loving.

I distilled our conversation on relationship into this 10 minute video that pulls the big pieces that really resonated with me, and I think anyone in the industry that is in a relationship currently, or is hoping to be in one in the near future, will really benefit from. I hope you will share this with a friend, your partner, or your restaurant family, and let’s chip away at the sad state of affairs that many of our relationships turn into.

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My Full Hour and a Half Conversation with Darryl


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