The following are my most popular Kitchen and Chef Videos. Some will make you roll on the floor laughing – others might make you misty with inspiration.

Combined Views for These 10 Videos: Somewhere in the range of 6 Million. Now, I hope you’ll bookmark this page, so that you can come back to it, sharing once on your own page every so often – that’s the price of admission

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Let’s Begin…

1: Most of Us Know This All Too Well…

2: Time to Invest in Some New Equipment?

3: Probably Too Late, But Better Get Hydrated

4: Anyone Else Have Line Cooks Like This?

5: The Most EPIC Tantrum of All-Time

Humorous, entertaining, easy & an insiring read. If you DON’T have a copy in your restaurant, what’s the hold up?
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6: Inspiration From the Best in the Biz

7: Dear Chefs: An Open Letter

8: Not Ideal in the Middle of the Rush

9: This Scene Couldn’t Be More True

10: A Cook’s Life: Make it Matter

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